Why Do We Need A Re-Development?

As a church fellowship we aim to respond to what the community requires. We have carried out a community audit and the results of that have fed into our thinking about altering the church and hall buildings.

One building, the hall, is used almost to capacity while the other building, the church, is used rarely during the week. This is not good use of our resources. In addition, changes to our worship patterns require more flexibility in the worship area.

The scheme is currently being thought of in four stages of which we have now completed 3 – the result will be two buildings well-equipped for serving the community.

The story so far…..

STAGE 1: The ‘West Wing’ of the hall

We are already feeling the benefit of the work that has been done here! It is very warm in the hall now – and no draughts!


  • There are new toilets with better disabled access and baby-changing facilities
  • New PVCu double glazed windows have been installed
  • Two of the entrance doors have been replaced with PVCu units
  • Room 2 has a sliding partition to make it a more flexible space
  • Room 3 has been enlarged and is a youth base as well as a meeting room
  • A larger office with extra storage space has been formed
  • What used to be the ladies toilets has been altered to be an office area for the minister and the support workers
  • Insulation has been improved
  • The outside of the building has been painted where required
  • Back doors have been altered for greater security
  • It looks so much better!

We thank the Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (Wren) for their kind support for this stage through their Main Grant Scheme.

STAGE 2: Porch and Ramp

These works have provided us with greater security, safety and ease of entering the building.  It has further enhanced the look of the building and is another step on the way for our redevelopment plans for the hall.  We just need to put up a nice large sign on the outside front wall of the porch!

Thanks to the Veolia Environmental Trust who awarded us a grant.

STAGE 3: The rest of the hall

  • The new entrance leading to a comfortably furnished reception/meeting area with coffee tables and a serving hatch to a new kitchen.   This area provides a meeting space for people waiting to use the building, collect children, etc, where books and information can be out and it will be used as a general coffee bar.
  • The existing kitchen has been turned into a craft / meeting room and HQ for our Whizz Kids!
  • Alterations to the heating system have improved energy efficiency and the car park has been re-surfaced.
  • Installation of Wi-Fi now offers a free connection for all users of the hall.

Whats next?

STAGE 4: The Church

  • A lobby leading to a reception area/meeting room with a kitchen attached
  • A glazed screen with doors separating the reception area from the worship area; the screen can be opened as necessary for worship
  • The worship area is able to be used in a variety of layouts with chairs replacing the pews (some pews in the centre have already been removed to create a more flexible space)
  • A crèche in the room next to the existing pulpit with a window looking into the worship area
  • Toilets will be improved and include baby changing facilities
  • The building access/exits and toilet facilities will be to Disability Discrimination Act standards

The redevelopment is aimed to provides attractive and flexible meeting areas to allow both buildings to be used for a wide variety of uses for all ages.

These plans obviously required a lot of money and that  set us on the fundraising programme. However, we have found that as well as making some money, many of the fundraising events also gave us great opportunities for fellowship together, to get to know each other better and we have also found that many people who do not come to church have been coming to the special events.

We have also become a church where we spend much time eating together! We have some great cooks in our numbers and there is never too little food!

Do come along to some of our events. They are listed on the “Fund Raising Events” page.  You will be very welcome!