Adoration and Praise

Praising God for his greatness and for sending Jesus into the world.

“We praise you for the love you have shown through Jesus”


To say sorry for the things we have done wrong and ask God to forgive us

“O God, please forgive me for saying wrong things to my boss”


Showing gratitude to God for the created world and for the good things that happen to us.

“Thank you for giving me a good rest during my holiday”


Prayers for the world and for other people.

“Please God, help the nations of the world to bring peace”


Praying for personal help and situations in life
“Please God help me through my test”


A God-centred time of reflection; often in silence

Helps to remember these

Some people use a teaspoon – TSP – or the word ACTS to help them remember

  • T = Thank You
  • S = Sorry
  • P = Please
  • A = Adoration
  • C = Confession
  • T = Thank You
  • S = Supplication – a special word for ‘asking’

Written for the website by Imogen