The Loving Hearts and Hands Knitting Group meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month in the church community hall on Walton Road from 1.30pm until 3.30pm. Members pay £1.50 per session, which is used to purchase the wool the knitters use.

Starting in 2011 we now have a regular group of around twenty five very enthusiastic ladies, and a man, coming along to knit, chat, laugh and finish off with tea and cake.

Our knitting is mainly done for charity, both at home and abroad. We either donate items or have sales where the proceeds go to charities. We have knitted Teddy bears, baby blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, socks, sweaters, vests and premature baby hats and jackets all made with our own loving hands and with thoughts in mind of those to whom these gifts will go. We have some ladies who have us all agog each week when they bring along the most beautiful baby garments which they have knitted in their own time at home. Their enthusiasm is amazing, as is that of the whole group and it just goes to show that the art of knitting hasn’t died out but is alive and kicking.

If anyone would like to join us they would be most welcome. It doesn’t matter if your knitting skills are basic as we have a mixed group with quite a few members who are inexperienced but who are learning from those who have been life-long knitters. We would appreciate donations of wool from anyone who has any wool they wish to get rid of.

If you are interested in joining us please ring me on 694086, mobile 07765 511489 or email

Christine Park