‘Visiting those in prison’ is one of the six acts of love, alongside ‘feeding the hungry’ and ‘clothing the naked’ that Jesus asked his followers to do as part of their Christian responsibility, and yet it’s an activity in which very few of us actually get involved.

However, our Church decided to do something about it and as we have Thorn Cross (Category D) Prison as a near neighbour, we thought we would start there. In late 2015 Lisa Falkner and Hazel Bradley attended a day Conference at the Prison and learnt about the Angel Tree project run by the Prison Fellowship. Since then the folk at Stockton Heath Methodist have supported this project in a big way and this is how it works.

Angel Tree supports prisoners in their family relationships by providing a way for them to give Christmas presents to their children. We raise the necessary funds, enough to buy between 20 and 25 gifts and as long as they are allowed access to their children, prisoners are given the opportunity to apply for a gift to be sent to them.  Each gift is sent as though it is from the parent in prison and is accompanied by a personal messagewritten by the parent for their child. We then purchase the requested presents, wrap them and send them to the parent or carer of each child. If the parent wishes, a Christian story book is also sent.


This is just one of the comments on feedback forms that are sent out with the gifts

“My child was extremely happy when she received the gift and I think it was a lovely idea and amazing that you are doing this for people. I still can’t get over the beautiful reaction on my child’s face. Keep up the good work and I can’t thank you enough!” – a carer at home.


We are linked with HMP Thorn Cross, but as we often have money left over, it is sent to HMP Styal to enable the women there to send a card and small gift to their mothers on Mothering Sunday.

More information is available here The Angel Tree