SHMC supports Christian Aid by:

  • Learning about its work
  • Helping with the annual collection
  • Having a special annual service

An evening for supporters of Christian Aid arranged by Ann, our local CA representative

2015 marks Christian Aid’s 70th anniversary.

Christian Aid is an inspirational organisation, not afraid to challenge governments about policy, recognising that it’s not just acts of nature that make people poor but political and economic decisions. Christian Aid always works with partners in the countries receiving help, and takes their advice about what is needed. The work of CA has developed over the years – an excellent interactive timeline at – describes its beginnings as Christian Reconstruction in Europe in 1942 to its change of name to Christian Aid in 1964.  Celebrities have always been ready to add their support to its work – In the early years  The Settlers, Dame Judi Dench and Cilla Black appeared in Campaigns and nowadays well known personalities lend their support to CA projects.

The 21st century has bought new challenges to Christian Aid. The so-called war on terror, climate change and the increasing number of natural disasters, and the fact that almost half the world’s population live on less than US$2 a day, mean the work is needed more than ever.

CA now works with more than 650 overseas partners in around 50 countries. The world isn’t getting any fairer. Children in Gaza are going to schools pockmarked with bullet holes. Parents are selling their daughters in marriage to earn the money so the family can survive a drought in Afghanistan. Life expectancy for women in Zimbabwe is now 34 years old – it was 65 just a decade ago. The income of some multinational companies exceeds that of entire countries.

So Christian Aid won’t stop now.

Local news

Join the local group for a Christmas celebration at Daresbury Church for ‘Carols In Wonderland’ on 13th December at 4pm.

Every year there is a House to House collection in Stockton Heath with over 25 people from SHMC helping.  We also have collections for disaster relief.

If you would like to know more about the work of Christian Aid at SHMC please contact Ann Eggboro –

Christian Aid

Global Gang is the CA site for children and young people

Global Gang