Christians put their faith into action and caring for children is an area of work where the pioneers were often Christians.

Action for Children was founded in 1869 and known for many years as the National Children’s Home, then NCH before changing again in 2008. Over the years more than the name has changed as the work of the organisation has changed too. Its current name reflects more accurately what it does for children in the 21st Century.

The large children’s homes are no more: instead Action for Children has nearly 500 projects across the UK helping over 178,000 children, young people and their families.

The children, young people and families that Action for Children works with face difficulties such as poverty, disability and abuse.

Action for Children believes all children and young people have unique potential and that they should have the support and opportunities they need to reach it.

They have been working to make this vision a reality for over 135 years.

They also promote social justice by lobbying and campaigning for change.

Today, Action for Children is the leading UK provider of family and community centres, children’s services in rural areas, services for disabled children and their families, and services for young people leaving care.

Thomas Bowman Stephenson, the founder, may not recognise the methods of working but he would no doubt be overjoyed that the work of caring for children and families continues.


How do we support Action for Children?

Action For Children Sunday

This is on 10th July in 2016.

We Help With Fundraising

  • Some people have collecting boxes in their homes
  • There is an annual House to House envelope collection
  • There are sponsored walks throughout the country. A popular one with people from this Church is the Morecambe Bay walk crossing the sands between Arnside and Kents Bank
  • There are street collections
  • Diaries are sold